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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Online Party Going On NOW!!!

I have an Online Party going on NOW through tonight over on my personal blog!  Be sure and check it out!  I'll be doing a drawing for a special prize for everyone who places an order!!  :)  Here's one of the posts about it from the other page.  Go HERE to view my personal blog.

I've extended my party until tonight at 9pm central.  I had a few people who didn't have time to take a look until today so you have a little longer to grab your goodies!  Remember, there are some adorable products for spring and summer to help you get organized and/or look cute on vacations, while you are traveling, at the beach, at the pool, the park, or out to dinner with your girlfriends or hot date.  ;)  These also make unique bridesmaids gifts, baby shower gifts (the Organizing Utility Tote with baby's name embroidered on it is great...fill it with diapers and wipes and the new mommy will LOVE it!), graduation gifts (Large Utility Totes are PERFECT for graduates, especially those going off to college), Mother's Day gifts...the list goes on!

Don't forget to take advantage of the April Special!  Those of you who already have the Skirt Purse, grab another skirt to add to your collection for only $7.50!  

For more pics and details, check the post before this one!  Thanks!  Have a great weekend!  :)

Here's the link!

Don't forget to take advantage of our April Special!

Friday, November 25, 2011

31 Online Party Going On Now!

Hi Ladies!  Long time now see right?  Since I'm still not 100% sure I'm supposed to have this site I am going to send you guys to my personal blog to check out the details on my 31 Party I'm having right now. And YOU can add in your own order as well!  Check HERE for my blogpost and see how you can shop online now and hook some special ladies on your shopping list up with some unique gifts this year that they will LOVE!!

We all know its hard shopping for women.  There are so many choices!!  And what do you get the woman who has everything already?  Well, there is an entire catalog filled to the brim with some seriously adorable and useful products that those women will LOVE.  Get it personalized with their name, monogram, initial etc and really make it special for them.  Have a mom who loves being a "Nana" or "Mimi"?  Get it embroidered on their Thermal Lunch Tote that they can take to work or on a Large Utility Tote that is good for just about EVERYTHING under the sun.  Click HERE for more info!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

September Specials!

First off, let me apologize about being so bad about keeping this blog up lately!  So sorry!  Things have been a little hectic around here lately!  I've accepted a job as a preschool teacher and have been going through training and conferences and work days and all that to try and get ready for the school year.  We start next week!  I'm so excited.  :)

I haven't stopped my 31 stuff though!  No way!!  Its way too fun and way too easy to make money through 31!  Remember, you can sign up anytime to be a consultant now!  $99, no strings attached, get over $300 in products and business supplies to get you started, a free website for 3 months etc...  Seriously, you can lose ladies.  At the very least you end up with $300 in stuff for $99.  But I guarantee you you will have friends and family who see the catalog (you get 25 free!) and will want to purchase some stuff OR have a party...  Have your own party one night and rake in all the hostess rewards as well as make a commission!!  That right there will be worth your $99.  Just go HERE and click "Join My Team".

Here are the September Specials!  Really great ones, as always ESPECIALLY the Hostess Special!!  If you have been thinking of doing a home party if you live in the DFW area or a catalog party (you can live anywhere!), contact me ASAP!  For September, Hostesses who reach $500 in sales automatically get DOUBLE the free products!  So instead of $90 in free stuff, get $180!!!  And UP!!!  My average party sales are usually around $700.  I have only had one hostess have a party that ended up under $500 in sales in the past year. So its really not too hard.  And regardless, you will get lots of free stuff and half priced items anyway (once you hit the $200 minimum).

For the Customer Special, for every $31 you spend, you can choose any one of these for 50% off!  Choose from 5 CUTE CUTE wallets, any Zipper Pouch or a Celebrate Card Set filled with 31 adorable cards for special occasions like birthdays, congratulations, etc.

Check the website for details!!  Click on Monthly Specials.  You can also shop online by clicking PLACE AN ORDER.

Thanks ladies!  :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guest Blogger!

Today I have a special treat for you!  My very first guest blogger! 

So let me introduce one of my great girlfriends, Dawn!  I'll let her get into detail but I just wanted to give a big thanks to her for taking the time to do this and I know you'll all love what she's got to say!  Her blog is awesome and she is always doing something exciting so be sure to follow her HERE!  This girl does it ALL and then some...I swear to you I don't know when she sleeps.  From being an NFL wife,  lawyer, reality TV star, future Mrs. Texas (fingers crossed that this is her year!!) and still being a fantastic mom and raising 2 kiddos-1 with autism...she never stops!  And don't even get me started on her charity work...  

If I let myself think about it for too long I'd feel like a complete and utter failure compared to her...So I just don't think about it.  :)  So, without further ado...

Thanks Amanda for giving me the opportunity to be your guest blogger – this is fun! 

A little background…

Amanda and I met in Buffalo, New York, where our husbands were Buffalo Bills teammates. 

Now, we live about twenty minutes away from each other in Texas.  Both of our husbands are now retired from the NFL and we’re easing into life devoid of the triumphs and tribulations of pro-football. 

Life has been anything but boring though as we transition into life after football.  For me, managing a career, family, a stint on reality television (VH1’s Football Wives) and a plethora of other activities and interests keeps life interesting.

Last March, I sat in a quaint theater in Corsicana, Texas after morning rehearsals for the Mrs. Texas America pageant.  I noticed the outgoing Mrs. Texas, Shannon Patterson, setting up a bunch of products.  My stomach growling, I (somewhat) silently protested being sales-pitched right before lunch.

As Shannon began her presentation about a company called Rodan + Fields, I perked up!  Did she say this is a skincare line designed by the doctors who created ProActiv, the acne skincare system that has sold a gazillion dollars worth of product?  CHECK!  I used ProActiv for years and it helped clear up my skin. 

Did she just say the Rodan + Fields Anti-Age AMP MD system was featured on The Today Show as one of the must-have anti-aging products for 2011?  YEP! 

Did Shannon say Rodan + Fields has only been in direct marketing for a couple of years, allowing new consultants to get in before the market becomes saturated like other skincare lines!  OH YEAH!  I realized quickly that this was not your mama’s direct marketing skincare and Shannon had my undivided attention.  Shortly after the pageant (I was third runner-up), I joined Shannon’s Rodan + Fields team. 

I’ve been approached for years to get into direct sales.  Jewelry, handbags, clothing, skincare products, Acai Berry super juice – you name it.  At some point, someone has approached me to sell some of everything.  But none of the opportunities ever felt right for me.  While I’m an outgoing person, I’m not great at making the sales pitch, and direct marketing just didn’t seem like my thing.  I’ve found since becoming a Rodan + Fields consultant and using the products, the products sell themselves.  People are always commenting on how great my skin looks and I’m happy to tell them what I’m using.  In addition to practicing law, I am also a model and actress and my skin always has to look its best.  I can’t show up at auditions with dull skin or breakouts.  Thanks to Rodan + Fields, keeping my skin healthy and bright is a cinch! 

Rodan + Fields features four different skin regimens:

ANTI-AGE for wrinkles, pores and loss of firmness, which features the top-selling AMP MD system (my favorite)!

UNBLEMISH for acne and post-acne marks

REVERSE for brown spots, dullness and sun damage

SOOTHE for sensitive, irritated skin and facial redness.

All products can be sold in the regimen bundle or individually.  Rodan + Fields also features ENHANCEMENT and ESSENTIAL products, including the popular Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and Sunless Tanner.  There are a host of other products – check out the website for more information.

Also, if you’d like to hear a bit more becoming a part of a fast-growing direct marketing team, check out the business opportunity at

Thanks again to Amanda for allowing me to guest blog about the awesomeness that is Rodan + Fields.

If you want to know a little more about me, check out my blog at and my website at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Guess What I Got!?!

The New Catalog!  Yay!  Waiting for the new catalog is always like waiting for Christmas morning.  (Is that sad?  Maybe not answer that...  Moving on!!)

So now that its out, here are a few pics from inside!  BUT you all can view the entire catalog online HERE and shop online HERE.  Just click on Place An Order.  Orders will arrive on your doorstep in 2 weeks or less.

There are a few things that have been revamped or changed a little.  Embroidery is now $7.  Production costs have increased a ton because of cotton (?) or something...I can't remember exactly what they said that bumped up a few costs but nothing crazy!  :)

The Hostess Rewards have been redone as well to make it easier for everyone to figure out their rewards.  No more percentages to figure!  Whoo hoo!  Here's the new chart.  I am loving that Hostesses can get all 3 Exclusive Hostess Items for FREE with parties above $1200!  I've had several parties over that and especially during the holidays, parties really get on up there!  Very cool.  And the new Exclusive Items are terrific too!

click to enlarge
  So here are a few of my new favorite things...

5th Ave purse in Dark Denim (real leather straps!).  And my favorite wallet EVER...Coin Purse Wallet in 4 new prints!  Best wallet I've ever had.  Get your initials lasered on the front!

Lots of great new fall prints!

Ok, the ruffle pink Cinch Sac.  Holy cow.  How perfect is that for a dance bag or overnight bag?!  Comes in black as well.  They've also got mini zipper pouches just like it that you can add a wrist strap too and use as a clutch!

5th Avenue Purse.  Comes in 3 fabrics/prints.  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...

So glad the Circle Spirals pattern is back!!

LOVE this new Skirt for the Skirt Purse!!  And the Pinch Top Sunglasses Case too!

CUTE right!?!!  And from now until August 31st, EVERYTHING is on sale for 15% off!!!!  This is the first time ever the entire catalog has been on sale so take advantage!  If you are thinking of doing a home or catalog party, DO IT!  Your guests will love that everything is on sale!!  Email me for more info!  amandanall31(at)gmail(dot)com

Shop online at and click on Place An Order.  There is also info on how to be a consultant, hosting, specials etc.  Thanks ladies!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Know What...

I just checked again and I see TONS of ladies with their 31 blogs still active.  Maybe these blogs are ok?  I have no idea.  But I do know that I am still confident that this blog is helping my business and in turn, helping 31's business!  (And you of course!)  So I wanted to post this!!!

First off, here is the new Fall/Winter 2011 Enrollment Kit.  For $99 you get ALL THIS...over $300 in products, business materials, catalogs, and your own website like mine HERE for free for the first 3 months.  Not bad right!?!  Holy cow...I mean its totally and completely worth it just for the kit but I GUARANTEE you that if you show your catalog to some of your friends and family you'll get your $99 back like THAT.  And we just got word today that the freeze is ALMOST OVER!!  As in, in a few weeks it will be completely open to enroll whenever!  I think I'm up to 7 wonderful women on my team now and they are all letting me know how excited they are and are all doing so well already!  (Shout out to Amanda Anderson who had her first party last night and rocked it!!)

Front Cover of the New Catalog... ;)  How cute is that new skirt for the Skirt Purse!?!
Second, they have revamped a few things starting July 25th when the new catalog becomes active.  There is a new and improved Hostess Rewards program that yall will love (and is a lot easier to work with for us consultants who don't just LOVE figuring percentages!) and some AMAZING new products and prints.  I am in LOVE with the new 5th Ave purse.  I don't want to get in trouble by posting too soon but it is beautiful and looks like its straight off 5th Ave..genuine leather and all!  They've added a Men's Line as well (think real leather wallets, money clips, black totes and camo) and some really cute Back to School products!

I will be fixing a few things in my Consultant, Hostess and Basic Info in my sidebar so bare with me.  :)  Any questions...well, you know what to do!  :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Shutting It Down...

Hi to all of my sweet customers, hostesses and followers!  I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary with 31 and all I can say is that it was the best $99 I ever spent!

At the end of July last year I decided I wanted to do something to help earn a little money and get me out of the house sometimes!  Mason was just a few months old and Matthew was a crazy little 2 year old and Mama just needed some adult time!  Plus, I like to work but am not anywhere near the point of wanting to give up being home with the boys full time so when I stumbled upon the 31 opportunity I was intrigued.

For $99 I signed on to be a consultant.  With that $99 investment I received over $300 worth of adorable products, 25 catalogs, business materials and my website for free for the first 3 months.  As a consultant I was getting a 25% discount on everything and 25% of my sales in commission.  Sweet!

I held my first party a month later and made $250.   I was so nervous at that first party.  No one started arriving until 30 minutes after the party was supposed to have started.  So I was just SURE that it would be a failure.  But turns out everyone was just a little late.  The girls started arriving in small groups and even though there were less than 10 guests at the party, my hostess picked out $200 in free products and 5 half priced items and I had my first commission.  Not bad for 3 hours of "work".  haha

I am now a Senior Consultant and sponsor to 5 great women with several more patiently waiting for their name to be called on our Wait List.

If you are interested in becoming a 31 consultant, please visit my official site at and click "Join My Team".  You will be asked for your level of interest in joining and if you click "YES!" that you are most definitely interested, then your name will be put on our Wait List and in a few weeks or so they will email you your invitation to join!  Most of you know about the Recruiting Freeze that is thawing out right now which is why they have decided to enroll new consultants in waves so they don't get overwhelmed.  So reserve your place in line ASAP!

Also, for some reason that I do not agree with, 31 has decided to forbid all external 31 websites...and I guess this probably counts as one.  I get a lot of my business from this blog (and so does 31) which is why I really really don't agree with this policy but I hate breaking rules.  SO, I won't be posting on here anymore unless they amend this rule and may even have to just completely shut it down.  I am not sure.  But I will be posting monthly specials and things of that nature on my personal blog over at Bellies, Babies & Football.  Since it won't technically be a purely 31 website I guess that's allowed.  ?  So be sure you are following me over there if you are a follower here!  (PS-31 Gifts Home Office, if you are reading this I BEG you to reconsider this policy!!  Our official sites cannot provide the same level of personalization the way we can when we really get to talk to our potential and current customers and hostesses on here.)

Also, the Spring/Summer Catalog is coming to an end on July 31!!  There is a LONG list of discontinued prints and items and once they sell out they will not be brought back!  So if you've got a bag or print you just love, be sure and get it ASAP or email me to see if its on the list!  You can shop online anytime at  The new catalog will be out August 1 so be sure and check my personal blog for new pictures of the goodies!  If you'd like to be one of the first to receive a new catalog, please let me know so I can add you to the list and get them sent out as soon I get them in!  amandanall31(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks again everyone!

Amanda :)

(PS-I'm leaving you with the July Customer Special and the July Hostess Special.  Get a sneak peak at some of the new prints that will be offered in the new catalog!  Great for Back to School!)